Ordering information for MagnaCu Products

Measuring Your Horse for the MagnaCu Blanket

Please measure your horse before ordering. From center of chest around point of the shoulder to the center of tail in inches. Using hay string tied together, marking, then take a tape measure to it for a measurement. This will give a proper fit. If it is an odd number round up.

Please make sure that you order the correct size. Please do not go off of another blanket company's blanket size.

Measure your horse for MaganaCU Blanket

Order and Return Information

To place an order please call 806-418-5641 or order online on this website.

Please make sure that you order the correct size and measure your horse.

The only warranty on our products is a 30-day manufacturer defect warranty.

Blanket Color Options

Pick your base blanket color from the available mesh base colors noted on the ordering page.


Then, customize your blanket with your choice of available diamond squares. Below are some examples:

Please be sure to review our complete Terms and Conditions regarding our policies and return procedures.

Repairs of blankets

Please contact Jan directly for repairs

Jan's Sewtique
860 White Street
Dubuque, IA 52001
Telephone: (563) 556-5531


Measuring Your Horse for the Magnetic Horse BlanketAll sizing must be based on the horse's actual measurement. Even if you own a PHT blanket currently, please measure the horse you are ordering for. Just because a PHT out there has one size on it, will not mean this is the sizing of the PHT New blanket ordered. DO NOT GO OFF ANOTHER BLANKET MANUFACTURER SIZING or previous PHT Blankets. Please measure from center of the chest around point of the shoulder to center of the tail. Please measure both the left and the right side. Make sure your horse is standing square. Take the larger measurement as your measurement for your blanket.

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