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MagnaCu™ Bell Boots - $235/pair

Magnetic bells boots are designed to help relieve symptoms of navicular, abscess, quarter cracks, etc.

Each bell boot contains 7 ceramic magnets strategically placed to give the hoof therapy where needed.

MagnaCu™ Super Bell Boots - $245/pair

Magnetic bells boots are designed to help relieve symptoms of navicular, abscess, quarter cracks, etc.

12 PHT Magnetics along with Copper Infused Fabric. Great for knees, fetlocks, etc.

MagnaCu Super Bell

MagnaCu™ Tendon Wraps -
12" - $235/pair

This Copper/magnetic bandage is ideal for treating soft tissue injuries, bruises or tendon strains. A standing type quilted wrap with 10, 14,800 guass neodymium magnets strategically placed to give your horse's leg the best therapy available along with Copper infused fabric.

Beginners like it because it's easy to apply. Horses love it because it feels so-o-o good. Also great for hauling or as a standing bandage. (2 to a pair)

Measures 30" length, 12" height. Apply under a polo or standing type wraps.

Made with a soft quilted exterior, PHT Magnets, and Lined with Copper infused fabric. Current Color is grey.

MagnaCu Tendon Wraps

MagnaCu™ Stifle Wraps - $229/pair

This new design stifle wrap provide convenient, effective treatment coverage.

Versatile Wrap made of Neoprene with Velcro Closures

10 PHT unipolar ceramic magnets per side lined with CuTec29®

MagnaCu™ Stifle Wrap has finally made it easy and convenient to provide magnetic and copper therapy for your horse's stifle area. Stifles are difficult to treat and maintain. This new design stifle wrap provide convenient, effective treatment coverage. Perfect for stifle injuries or edema and swelling associated with strenuous exercise and performance. Even older arthritic horses will benefit from this easy to use wrap.

MagnaCu Stifle Wraps have been streamlined to allow for a closer fit.

MagnaCu™ Hock Boots - $235/pair

Not for use while riding or turnout. These are an "at rest" product.
Customize your boots by choosing the your favorite square color from the available options listed on our ordering page.

The new MagnaCu Hock wraps do not need to be "cinched" tight. They are designed to stay on without over tightening. Only place snug tight. Take care to not over tighten.

MagnaCu Hock Wraps MagnaCu Hock Boots

MagnaCu™ Quick Wraps - $215/pair

The easy way to keep circulation flowing in the legs of your horse. Great for a horse with a bowed or sore tendon, suspensory injuries, hauling, standing in stall, etc; Great antimicrobial and copper therapy combined with PHT Magnetics.

Not for use while riding or turnout. These are an "at rest" product.

Available in Black

MagnaCu™ Wonder Wraps - $215/pair

Available in black with choice of square color

MagnaCu Wonder Wrap MagnaCu Blank Wonder Wrap

MagnaCu Fly Sheet - $555

Blanket features closed front, elastic leg straps, and contoured fit.

Our MagnaCu Blanket is designed to keep your horse fully balanced with our strategically placed magnets on major acupuncture meridians and points. The mesh portion of the blanket is copper infused fabric. This combination provides soothing delivery of magnetic therapy and copper therapy. The blanket addresses the major muscle groups, as well as the stomach and lung meridians. Great for those sore muscles as well as the finicky eater and bleeder. Whether you are going on a short or long trip, this magnetic horse blanket gives you the confidence that your horse is ready to compete when you arrive. Our blanket is made of a copper infused mesh which is cool in the summer or can be used under a winter blanket when the temperatures drop. The magnets we use are Grade 8 Ceramic unipolar. Remember this is the only magnetic/copper horse blanket designed to keep your horse going down the road. Helps reduce muscle soreness, aids in respiratory problems, reduced incidents of colic, reduced incidents of stomach ulcers, and better digestion in your horse.

* Additional shipping options available for an extra charge. Specify shipping options at checkout.

Please note that not all color combinations of our blankets and hoods are available for immediate shipment. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for custom color combinations. If you need immediate shipping please call us at 806-418-5641 to find out what colors we have in stock, or simply put in the comments section "whatever is in stock". Returns are accepted for different size only and must have an RMA #. Please call 806-418-5641 for an RMA# prior to returning. If the blanket returned is not in "like new" condition or is dirty we will return the product to you and there will be no exchange. Buyer must pay shipping for the reshipped blanket.

You must call for the address to ship to and have RMA # on outside of the box for returns

Please measure your horse before you order. Center of the chest around point of shoulder to center of the tail. See our ordering page for directions.

We offer a 30 day manufacturer defect warranty. Please review our terms and conditions prior to ordering.

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